Teachers and Staff


Trish Nickerson, Executive Director - trish@cottonwoodschool.org

Val Armenta, Office Manager - val@cottonwoodschool.org


Teaching Staff

Senior Elementary Teachers (4th - 6th Grade)

Julia Hayes - julia@cottonwoodschool.org

Amanda Herman - amanda.herman@cottonwoodschool.org

Junior Elementary Teachers (1st - 3rd Grade)

Corinne Matthes - corinne.matthes@cottonwoodschool.org

Joy Reese - Joy.reese@cottonwoodschool.org

Early Childhood Teachers (3-6 Years Old)

Elizabeth McKinley - elizabeth.mckinley@cottonwoodschool.org

Estela Cross-Guillen - msestela@cottonwoodschool.org

Toddler Teachers (1.5 - 3 Years Old)

Pam Gonzales - pamela.gonzales@cottonwoodschool.org

Amy Appel - amy.appel@cottonwoodschool.org


Program Staff

Cyndie Roy, After Care Director - cyndie.roy@cottonwoodschool.org

Tricia Larese, Art Director - tricia.larese@cottonwoodschool.org

Kir Kipness and Lisa Fenstermacher, Drama Directors -  kir.kipness@cottonwoodschool.org and lisa.fenstermacher@cottonwoodschool.org

Music Director - music@cottonwoodschool.org

Becky Pierce, Environmental Program and Garden - becky.pierce@cottonwoodschool.org

Kellie Nickerson, Physical Education, Technology, and After Cool Director - kellie.nickerson@cottonwoodschool.org


Maintenance Staff

Shanaul Brown, Maintenance - shanual.brown@cottonwoodschool.org

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