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As we head into the home stretch over these next few weeks, it’s important to take a breath, reflect on our journey along the Silk Road, and recalibrate where we need to be to ensure we are covering all content and hitting our main academic, organizational and financial goals as the school year comes to a rapid close.

This year we are most proud of the progress our students have made in essential skills and overall learning through our rich, integrated curriculum as evidenced by work samples, collaborative projects, teacher observations, individual accomplishments, parent and student feedback, and test scores.

I am most proud of our incredibly talented and loving staff who teach with fidelity, humor and kindness each and every day. They are all brilliant change agents who are transforming the lives of their students during their most important formative years, and we are so fortunate to be able to learn from them as we navigate these complex years of early childhood together.

We are also quite proud of our monthly community events which bring us all together in purposeful and meaningful ways, to build relationships, grow ideas, and learn new things as we celebrate, socialize, and contribute to something greater than ourselves. Our gatherings allow us to forge friendships with like minded people during our children's critical years of personal growth. It’s a time of life when we all need compassionate support from each other so we need to surround ourselves with people of all ages and walks of life who understand this challenging time in our lives.

It has been easy for me to see where your priorities lie as you came together as strangers and then quickly became friends. It was heartening to see you join forces to support your child, the school and one another this year. Together, you have worked to elevate not only our school, but the early childhood industry as a whole, and elementary education in New Mexico. You put your time, talent and treasure to work on behalf of not only your own, but other people’s children! In spite of how busy you are, you still chose to make time to support the school incrementally through your skills, your professions, your access, your finances, and your interests. You showed up for us, and one another, by driving on field trips, cooking in the classrooms, leading Discovery Hour Clubs, hosting an afterschool class, shelving books in the library, gardening, watching the playgrounds, teaching parenting classes, hosting carnivals and parties,  manning the event booths, and attending school events.

We are so lucky to have you all as partners in this work! It is my hope that you will look back on these years with joy, fondness and satisfaction. I know I will!  Gratefully, ~Ms. Trish Nickerson, Founder/Executive Director

“If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children.” ~Confucius

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