Last Updated: 6/24/2021 6:12 PM

We believe that art is essential to learning. It helps students with their self-expression, imagination, and problem solving skills. The process of making art helps teach students how to work cooperatively and how to work toward a goal. Art helps students analyze and evaluate ideas and information in our visual world. It also helps students learn how to use images to communicate their own ideas.

All Cottonwood School students participate in 1 to 2 hours of art class per week in our visual arts studio led by our Art Director, Tricia Larese. Students explore various media in an atmosphere of respect and encouragement. After initial instruction, students have the opportunity to explore art through self-selection and self-direction. They learn and practice many skills specific to drawing, painting, and sculpture. We emphasize the mental habits of observing, innovating, envisioning, and reflecting, which are valuable skills to use both in school and elsewhere in life.

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