Curriculum Overview

Last Updated: 6/24/2021 6:20 PM

At Cottonwood School, how children learn is as important as what children learn. We offer a dynamic, Montessori-based curriculum in Reading and Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

Our classrooms are warm, open environments conducive to exploration and collaboration as well as independent study. Our students, from 18 months old through the sixth grade, are grouped in three-year, multi-age clusters which facilitate optimal learning through peer mentoring, teamwork, and community building. Each classroom is staffed with a Montessori credentialed teacher and an Educational Assistant. We consistently maintain low teacher to student ratios of 14-1 in the Early Childhood and Elementary programs and 7-1 in the Toddler classes.

Through WHOLE CHILD, WHOLE BRAIN learning experiences and daily exposure to concrete, hands-on, fully integrated, multi-sensory manipulatives, our students learn to think, problem solve, plan ahead, work creatively, manage their time, make good choices, care for the environment, serve their community, appreciate the arts, resolve conflicts, set goals and lead.

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Early Childhood


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