Teaching Philosophy

Peace, according to Montessori philosophy, does not mean weakness nor does it mean the simple absence of war. It means inner harmony and strong individuality, a full participation in community life, responsiveness to the world and the stewardship of its resources. Peace includes respect for human dignity and diversity, and due diligence in protecting and supporting the rights of all.

As educators we are first and foremost, committed to protecting the physical, psychological and emotional safety of all children; defending them from violence and exploitation, whatever its origins. We work to ensure that our educational programs meaningfully include elements that support our children's development as peaceful world citizens of the 21st century. These elements include techniques for conflict resolution, multi-cultural education which fosters respect for and understanding of human differences, including cultural, racial, religious, socio-economic and geo-political; and environmental education which fosters respect for all elements of the natural world. It is to this definition of peace that we dedicate our most passionate efforts.

Our faculty is comprised of dedicated professionals whose common goal is to encourage the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child through individualized learning opportunities.

Montessori teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in any field of study along with 500 hours of graduate work in Montessori Theory and Practice. Cottonwood teachers hold teaching credentials from AMS and MACTE affiliated training centers and are members of The American Montessori Society. In addition, the Cottonwood School faculty complete an average of 60 hours per year in professional development.

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